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July 08, 2010

Dear Readers,

I thought about this decision for a really long time, and it makes me really sad - I'm officially halting Not Enough BBQ's current plot line. It's been pretty frustrating lately, and I want to clear my mind a little bit from the same old-same old routine.

But before you get sad (you're getting sad, right?? I hope so.), don't worry! The site will still be updated. Benson and I have a new comic story for you, and we're super excited about it. (Woo!)

We posted some preliminary sketches of it above. I'll try not to spoil it too much, but I'll share that it's set in Steampunk England, and that it's going to have significantly more plot than BBQ. Also, expect a site revamp from Benson and it will hopefully be lovely and not involve too much graphics work from me, ha.

We toyed with changing the name of the site, but for now, we've decided to at least hold onto that, since it's not like the title had anything to do with the previous story anyhow... ^_^;

But anyway - to all of our readers: thank you so much for sticking around! Thanks for all your fan mail, guest comics, feedback, and all that great stuff! A lot of times, those things really made us really really happy and the comic really felt worth all the effort it took.

I hope you'll continue to read our new comic! See you next Monday!

Without Wax,

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