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Adventures at Work

Dearest Readers,

So, actually I really DO work at a Writing Center for children.  Since I’ve been working in the mornings for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been able to listen in on the elementary school classes, namely Grades 4-5.

While I sit at the computer and churn out graphics, or whatever else is needed that day, I can entertain myself by listening to the class.  Which is more entertaining that any TV show.  Look, hell, I don’t even need to write a funny blog entry.  I’ll just post one of their stories.  The prompt was to write something about a character that “showed character.”

The Burning Crusade, by Johnson, Age 10

In a world where mankind was nearly extinguished, there was a war between the Blood Elves and the Night Elves. The war took several years until a brave Blood Elf Hunter killed all the Night Elves. His name was Acharian. He was a hero to the people of the Sunwell until he was kidnapped by werewolves and was given a stunning potion to prevent his escape. This happened years ago before his little baby brother was born, a baby named him Zerocho.

Zerocho was patient and loyal, and he grew up hearing always about his older brother’s bravery. When Zerocho was twenty years old, he started to train with a teacher. The teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up — for twenty years old was very young for an elf that could live to two-thousand. Zerocho said he wanted to be a hunter just like his older brother, so that some day he might go to ShadowFang Keep to rescue his brother. So his teacher taught him how to catch wild animals and run fast like a cheetah, how to treat his pet, how to summon a giant bat, and how to use polearms. When his teacher said that Zerocho was ready to catch his pet, Zerocho was confident and went out to the woods.

First, Zerocho would tie a chunk of raw meat on a piece of string and show it to a wild animal he thought was the most obedient. When he’d chosen the one he wanted, he held the meat in the air, and suddenly a prowler jumped from the bushes and bit the meat right off Zerocho’s hands. Zerocho had put a drop of taming potion on the meat that would tame the animal long enough for Zerocho to treat it with lots of love, care, respect, and feeding he could gain its trust. Since the prowler had blond skin the color of flames, Zerocho decided to name his pet Bonfire. Before two weeks had passed, Bonfire became Zerocho’s best friend.

When Zerocho was twenty-five years old, his teacher decided that he was ready to go and rescue his big brother. Zerocho knew about his big brother because his parents had told him everything he needed to know before they’d died trying to rescue Acharian themselves from the werewolves. Zerocho would risk his life for Bonfire, but he would risk anything to save his brother from dying. Zerocho and Bonfire were both nervous and both thought they might fail. His teacher armed him with a polearm called the Gargoyle’s Bite. It was the strongest polearm of all in Sunwell. It was black and at the top of the polearm was a sharp spear point.

After a long farewell, Zerocho and Bonfire headed out to the Ghostlands where Acharian was kept in the cave called ShadowFang Keep. When they arrived, they sneaked inside through a small hole in the roof and saw Acharian unconscious, lying on the ground. Zerocho told Bonfire to stay outside to look out for any werewolves and Bonfire nodded. Then, Zerocho quickly went in, grabbed Acharian without any guards seeing and went out as fast as he could. As they were leaving, they heard Bonfire growl ferociously. They were surrounded by werewolves! It was one-hundred to two, but not for long.

With the Gargoyle’s Bite in hand, Zerocho conquered his fear of the werewolves and killed one after another by stabbing and slicing them. Zerocho fought until there was only one more left. It was the boss. His name was Odo, the Blind watcher. He was a humongous werewolf that everybody feared because he was too hard to kill. There was only one way to kill him, stab him in the heart. But no one could get close enough. It was two against one now. Zerocho had to kill the werewolf, but he was so afraid. If he didn’t kill Odo, his brother would die. The plan was that Bonfire would distract Odo until Zerocho had the chance to stab him in the heart. So they fought and fought and finally Zerocho got so mad that he didn’t show any mercy and stabbed Odo right in the heart. The power came from the mana inside him. Then, he summoned his giant bat and flew home with Bonfire and Acharian.

Finally, he brought Acharian back to the Sunwell and gave Acharian to the priests. After two days, his brother was healthy again. All the Blood Elves declared Zerocho and Bonfire heroes of the Sunwell. After the celebration Zerocho, Bonfire, and Acharian lived happily ever after.

Read more here.

Without Wax,

Shaina =)


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