Eva is a snarky, intelligent college freshman.  She loves games, graphic novels, philosophy and all things geeky. Except Danny.
She recently moved into an all-girls dorm, where she's having a little bit of trouble adjusting to life without her best buddy.





Berk used to be Eva's roommate, but he recently moved in with his girlfriend Charlie.  He's an all-around pretty nice guy.  He's also addicted to games, especially MMOs, much to the consternation of his new girlfriend.





Danny was Eva and Berk's creepy new roommate for a while.  He was kicked out by his previous one... for reasons unknown as of now. 





That Girl.

Charlotte:  Berk's girlfriend Charlie isn't the brightest bulb in the box, but she's sweet and innocent.  Unfortunately, she's not very tolerant nor understanding of his obsessive gaming...
Charlie is easily entertained by everything except video games.





Ijeoma: Ijeoma was formerly Charlie's roommate, but now lives with Meredith.  She's a usually a chipper girl but delivers the harsh truth when duty calls.  She has a strange obsession with potatoes.



Dawn of War II, anyone?


May: May is Eva's new roommate in her new dorm.  She's extremely laid-back and gets along with Eva fine (probably because she also plays Dawn of War II, among other games.)  May loves watching science fiction television and DnD.





Adrienne: Adrienne is the girl with the huge room who lives across from Eva and May.  She and Eva apparently don't get along.






Meredith: Meredith is Ijeoma's roommate.  She loves fps games and DoTA. 

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