??? 1: This time, the item we're about to steal is a bit different from the things that we have taken in the past \\ ??? 2: How so? \\ [There is a crowd of people; in the center, there is a tall, stout man and a young woman.] ??? 1: Well, for starters, the target is a living work of art, as you can see. \\ [Zoom in on the mystery woman.] ??? 2: Is that a fancy way of saying you're going to steal a hot girl? \\ ??? 1: Someone is paying us to do this, ok?


July 12, 2010

Dear Readers,

Here it is - first page of the new storyline!

Old Not Enough BBQ comics are still here, and you can still go back and read them all in their original site format.

Benson and I will keep tweaking the site little by little. We're both crazy busy with our jobs, but we'll work like crazy on the weekends, hah (except when Benson goes to the arcade -_-).  Please enjoy! :3

By the way, we gained a new shared forum! Our section is a bit empty at the moment, so drop by and post something!

Without Wax,
Shaina and Benson

P.S. But I like arcade :C -Benson

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