September 23, 2010

Dear Readers,

Here's a page brought to you amidst lots of blood and tears and sweat!  (sort of.)

Anyhow- I have some news for you all you aspiring artists! :)  Chapter I is ending soon, and before we get into Chapter II, there's a nice (for a few days) spot for... (dun, dun, dun)  ...guest comics!  We'll be offering this opportunity every time between chapters -- NOT cause we're lazy (okay maybe a little bit!  I need to regroup after chapters), but mostly because I am definitely in favor of sharing good artists!

So send us any cool guest comics or guest art, and we'll put it up between the end of Chapter I and II!  Email things to shaina@notenoughbbq.com, and send us a link to your art site or webcomic. ^_^

Without Wax,


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