[A boyish character is holding some binoculars, possibly looking at the girl from the previous page.] Boyish character: So who IS paying us anyway? Did you get to meet the guy?  And where's the real magician for the event? \\ [The magician from the cover page adjusts his dress shirt.] Magician: I've arranged for him to be ... otherwise occupied this weekend. \\ [The real magician, enjoying the company of ladies in a pub far away] \\ [The magician smiles as he leaves the backstage area.  He appears to be holding a mask of sorts.] Magician: Don't worry.  I've taken care of everything else.  Also, Berkeley.  Please make sure that you don't miss the rendezvous point. Again.  (Or it could be sticky...) \\ Berkeley: Yessir!


July 19, 2010

Dear Readers,

We're debating whether this reboot requires a name change. Rather than just do it without letting you guys know, we'll leave it up to a poll:

If you're reading this, at least drop in a vote to help us decide. We appreciate all those who come here to read, and we hope that you'll continue to support us!

Without Wax,
Shaina and Benson

P.S. The archive could also use some suggestions -- I haven't thought of what to do with it yet

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