[Some party venue.  A large chandelier decorates the center of the panel.] Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen!  You have all been called here for a very special occasion!  Welcome to the engagement party of ... \\ [The girl from before, looking a bit distracted.] Announcer: ... Miss Evangeline Danforth, heiress to the Danforth fortune -- \\ [The stout man from before. He's a bit bigger than expected...] Announcer: And Baron Blackwood, owner of Blackwood Industries!


July 22, 2010

Dear Readers,

Here's page four!! We're working on updating the Story page and the Links pages, so we'll keep you posted about that.

Keep on voting!

Without Wax,
Shaina and Benson

P.S. The comic name poll is open till Saturday midnight (I think) - B

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