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July 26, 2010

Dear Readers,

The results are in! The plurality went to those who would not mind either option (with 'No, keep the current' in second) We've decided to keep our domain name, as you can see, and adopt a title for the comic: Steampunk Soiree.

I also performed a bit of housekeeping, but I forgot that I had to take care of the comments first... As you can see, I'm having trouble migrating all the comments from the old pages to the new ones, so bear with me. Disqus has them all saved, and stuff, but somehow stuff is just not being moved.

As for the housekeeping that got done, all the old comics have been filed under the classic/ directory (ie: http://notenoughbbq.com/1 -> http://notenoughbbq.com/classic/1) and all the new comics are filed under steam/. You'll see if you go look at any archived page to comment on it... but yeah.. they are gone for the moment. Not taking care of the comments business was bad.

But while we wait, here's page 5! Lovely stuff.


P.S. Anyone playing DQIX?

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