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May 27, 2011

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to twice a week updates! I'm trying to use my free time this summer to make the art better (aughh, if only I had more time during the school year!)

My trip to the Shaolin mountain is approaching! Eeek, I don't feel prepared... And again, if you have any guest comics or guest art, NOW would be a fabulous time to send those my way to shaina@notenoughbbq.com. :) (Please?)

Without Wax,

P.S. Here's another incentive!

What's that?

    The incentive is a (very early stage!) sketch of a Steampunk Soiree wallpaper I am working on!

P.P.S. I'm slating a big site overhaul to take place over the course of June. Keep an eye on your bookmarks, links, and all that jazz, because they might explode from my tinkering.


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