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July 29, 2010

Dear Readers,

Here's page six! ^^ Hopefully soon we'll see more action.

We've replaced the Forum button up top with a bigger Archive button, which will probably serve the comic better (now that it's story based and you really might want to find different chapters or pages!) Benson's going to keep working on making the site better as the summer goes on, so we'll keep you posted on all those changes.

I've actually finally updated my other blog too, so you can go check that out. ^_^ I've been playing Final Fantasy I (I started Sunday morning), and I'm just about to get the Fire Crystal now! My team is a Warrior (Kevin), Thief (Kin Yan), White Mage (Brandon - actually the n doesn't fit.), and Black Mage (Benson.) I did name them after my friends. <_< Right now I'm overleveled and have a ridiculously large leftover amount of gil because I keep getting lost...

Today is also Brandon's birthday -- Happy Birthday Brandon/White Mage!
Without Wax,

P.S. I'm still playing DQIX [beat main story and in process of joining bro's story too] -Benson

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